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Smile Makeover in Bhandara

Smile Makeover

Your smile is the key that unlocks everything. At Dr Batra’s Dental Clinic, we offer the most effective smile makeover in Bhandara. We know what patients need and offer them the care they require.


Smile makeover in Bhandara:

The procedure for a smile makeover or smile design differs from person to person. It entails cosmetic dentistry treatments as well as smile design software to attain a smile makeover.

Who is a candidate for a smile makeover?

Some people have misaligned teeth, while others have yellowish teeth, crooked teeth, or gaps between their teeth. All of your dental problems can be fixed with our smile makeover in Bhandara.

How Smile Makeover is done?

Each patient’s smile makeover is customised to their specific needs. Our dentist will check your tooth colour, alignment, and spacing, as well as missing teeth, larger lips and cheeks, and any discrepancy in the teeth's health, such as cracks or chips.

He or she then assesses the situation and makes plans for your smile makeover that suits your pocket. Our dentist will then show you the pictures of the restored smiles and let you decide which one looks best on you.

We respect your decision and explain to you the techniques needed to get that perfect smile, before giving you the smile you desire.

Fixing dental problems with a smile makeover in Bhandara:

Smile makeover(teeth makeover) treatments can fix the following dental issues:

  • Teeth-Staining
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Twisted or disintegrated teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • A lopsided gum line
  • Other dental issues

Our primary goal for your smile makeover is to improve your smile's aesthetics. We also addressed your underlying oral health problems before we go ahead with a smile makeover procedure.

How much does a smile makeover cost in Bhandara?

The cost of your smile makeover and the duration of treatment will vary based on your degree of dental protection and the state of your oral health, along with the extent of your customised makeover plan.

If your dentist detects any underlying oral problems before starting with the treatment, your smile makeover may become more expensive and take a longer time.

A beautiful, dazzling smile not just enhances your looks but also boosts your self-esteem. So, what are you waiting for, give yourself a smile makeover in Bhandara at Dr Batra’s Dental Clinic? Get in touch with us today. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us.