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Gum Treatment in Bhandara

Gum Treatment

Have you seen blood in your sink while brushing recently? Are you experiencing this more often? If yes, then that could be a warning sign of having a gum disease. When it comes to any kind of gum treatment in Bhandara then Dr. Batra’s dental clinic is the right place for you.

It is equally true that not all bleeding gums lead to gum disease, sometimes it may be because of vigorous brushing. But if the problem persists for a long time then that is a serious concern.


How do you know that you have a gum problem?

If you notice red, swollen gums or you feel your gums tender or painful and easily bleed when you brush or floss, also when you have persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth then that are the signs that you have a gum problem. You must see your dentist immediately for bleeding gum treatment in bhandara at Dr. Batra’s dental clinic.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is called periodontitis or periodontal disease. It is an infection of the soft tissues that hold your teeth in place. This infection begins with a bacterial growth in your mouth and if not treated on time will further infect the bones that support your teeth and it can cause bigger problems for your mouth.

A mild gum infection known as ‘Gingivitis’. Majority of people experience ‘gingivitis’ at some point of time in their lives. Best part is you can reverse the gingivitis by simply brushing, flossing regularly and visiting your dentist every 6 months for check-ups & cleaning.

But when this ‘Gingivitis’ is ignored and not treated, it causes ‘Periodontitis’ (gum disease) which is a serious gum infection. In this case, the inner layer of the gum and bone get away from the teeth and form pockets, these small spaces collect debris and can become infected. As the infection spreads, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone get infected and destroyed. It is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

What causes gum disease?

Improper brushing and poor oral hygiene is the primary reason for a person to have a gum disease. However, there are other factors that can also lead to gum problems:

1. Hormonal changes happening during puberty, menusration, pregnancy, menopause, make gums more sensitive to develop gingivitis.

2. Medication can affect oral health as it lessens the flow of saliva which protects the teeth and gums. Some anticonvulsant drugs cause abnormal growth of gum tissues.

3. Bad Habits like smoking make gum tissues weak to repair itself.

4. Family history of dental disease can also cause gum disease.

How can gum disease be treated?

When you visit our clinic for gum treatment in Bhandara, our dentist will examine your mouth to figure out the degree of infection and will first look for ways to stop the infection. The treatment options start from non-surgical therapies to control infection to surgery to reinstate the supportive tissues. The gum treatment option depends on the stage of the disease and on your overall health. Book your appointment now for a healthy mouth for a healthy life.