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Dental Implant Treatment in Bhandara

Dental Implant Treatment

Ignoring your missing teeth isn't going to help. It will not only impact your facial aesthetics and chewing ability but also, cause speech issues, bite irregularities, bone loss, and a variety of other dental and general health issues. You will be surprised to know how dental implant treatment in Bhandara can make a difference in your life.

There are different ways to replace your missing teeth, but dental implants are the most popular remedy for failing or missing teeth today for all ages.


What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a tooth-replacement structure. Your dentist implants a screw-like device into the jawbone, which serves as an anchor for a crown, which is a prosthetic tooth. The fake tooth and the dental implant are connected via an abutment.

The crown is created to fit your mouth that matches your natural tooth colour. Crowns have a natural appearance, feel, and function.

Treatment options with dental implants in Bhandara:

A) On the basis of number of tooth:

1. Single Tooth Replacement: A single dental implant can replace a single lost tooth with ease. It is advised that the bone around the dental implant recover for three months after insertion. The implant can be fitted with a crown to finish the prosthesis after three months.

2. Multiple Teeth Replacement: For multiple teeth replacement, Several dental implants can be used to replace several lost teeth. Implants can replace both natural teeth and some of their roots, depending on the needs of the patient. If a person has one or two missing teeth, each tooth will require one implant. However, if a person desires to restore a large number of missing teeth, fewer implants may be required to support the new teeth.
Implant-supported bridges can be used to replace teeth that have no natural teeth to support them. Other tooth replacement solutions, such as removable partial dentures and fixed bridges, rely on the support of surrounding teeth that may harm the other healthy teeth.

B) Based on the technology & time:

1. Single visit Implant: This technology provides a quick fix for tooth loss. It's also known as 'Teeth in a Day.' Whether you have a single tooth, numerous teeth, or all of your teeth missing, there are a variety of restoration options available to meet your needs, and the restorations (crowns, bridges) can be done within a few days.

2. Multi visit implants: This procedure normally takes two or more dental appointments, each lasting seven to ten days. The implant treatment is divided into two stages, each of which takes about 3 to 6 months to complete. After clinical and radiographic examination, the dental implant is implanted in the first stage. Impressions are taken in the second step, and an artificial tooth crown is created and fitted in three to four sittings.

Is dental implant treatment painful?

A dental implant is painless and a simple surgery. Before the surgery, your dentist will give you anaesthesia and antibiotics after surgery for better and speedy healing.

How much does a dental implant cost?

The cost of a single dental implant in Bhandara ranges from INR 20,000 to 40,000 depending on the implant company. Since we believe in giving the best treatment to our patients, we encourage our patients to go with the better treatment options that suit their pocket.

Dental implants treatment in Bhandara at Dr. Batra’s dental clinic is truly fantastic since they are specifically created to give you the natural look and feel of your teeth with the highest durability and success rate, and they can last a lifetime.

It functions similarly to your natural teeth, which you may brush and floss. It mostly prevents bone loss, and you will not age with a sunken facial expression caused by tooth loss.

So, why to wait? Make an appointment today to discuss your implant options with one of our experts.