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Braces Treatment in Bhandara

Braces Treatment

Do you have a misaligned or protruding teeth? It is the time to get them align and straight with our braces treatment in Bhandara. The braces treatment will not only improve your appearance but also improve the functional relation of your teeth.


What are dental braces?

Dental braces are a type of orthodontic treatment used to correct crowded, crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth. Dental braces are made up of brackets and wires which are attached to the teeth to align them.

Who needs braces?

Orthodontic treatments are generally performed in the early growing age; in children & adolescents to get better desired results. This doesn’t mean that adults can’t go for braces treatments in Bhandara, we have all the latest technology that gives you reliable and desired results.

You may need braces treatment, If you have any of the following indication:

Crowding: If your teeth are overlapping each other instead of being in a proper alignment, cleaning them becomes very difficult. Which may cause tooth decay, gum dieases and even tooth loss.

Spacing: if you have space between your teeth this will not only affect your looks but also increases the possibility of food getting stuck in your teeth.

Open Bite: Some children thrust their tongue forward, pushing them with a force causing protrusion of teeth or open bite where your upper and lower front teeth may not be aligned.

Poor alignment of your front teeth: Your asthetics and function may compromise when there is a poor alignment of your front teeth where your upper teeth are more proclined with respect to your lower teeth or vise-a-versa.

Traumatic bite: The condition is known as a deep or traumatic bite when the upper and lower front teeth show excessive overlap and rub against each other and the palate when the teeth are put together. To avoid trauma to the teeth or soft tissue, it's vital to get the issue treated as soon as possible after it is detected.

Crossbite: An underbite – often known as a crossbite – is a type of malocclusion, or faulty bite, in which rows of teeth overlap inappropriately.
A crossbite or underbite occurs when the bottom teeth jut out past the top teeth, either in the front teeth or the rear teeth, rather than a correct bite, where the top teeth actually fit over the bottom teeth with a very tiny overbite.

Treatment of impacted teeth: Impacted teeth are teeth that do not appear in the oral cavity at the proper age and may stay buried in the jaw bone. These teeth can lead to a variety of issues, including poor aesthetics and dental cysts. Braces treatment in Bhandara could be used to help with the eruption of such teeth.

How dental braces work?

Braces work on the principle that when force is given to bone, it remodels, resulting in bone formation in certain regions and bone resorption in others. They function by exerting a gentle but consistent pressure on your teeth, which is then sent to the bone.

Resorption will occur where pressure is exerted, while bone growth will occur where tension is induced. Over time, this regulated force will enable your teeth to move in the bone, allowing them to align properly.

What is the best age to get braces?

The permanent teeth begin to erupt between the ages of six and twelve years old. To achieve the best outcomes, orthodontic therapy with dental braces should begin between the ages of eight and fourteen. Because there is a decent mix of primary (baby) and adult teeth in the mouth at this age, it is generally recommended to have an orthodontic treatment no later than the age of seven.

How much dental braces cost?

The cost for the braces treatment in Bhandara may vary from case to case. The cost will be determined by various factors like complexity of your teeth alignment, treatment type, duration it will take to correct your teeth and so on. The new trendy clear aligners such as invisalign may cost more than the traditional braces.

At Dr. Batra’s dental care you will get flexible payment plans for your braces treatment in Bhandara that will suit your pockets.

How much time it will take to correct your teeth?

Orthodontic treatment usually demands you to wear braces for a long period of time. The duration of time you wear braces will vary depending on your treatment needs, but your habits might also influence how long you wear them.

While wearing braces, make sure you follow your orthodontist's advice and maintain healthy oral habits. This can help you get the most out of your treatment plan and avoid having to wear braces for longer periods of time.

If you are looking for braces treatment in Bhandara, book your consultation with our orthodontist today!